Estate Administration

Surrogate Court LitigationNot only is the death of a spouse, relative or business partner emotional and unsettling, but the law can make these events highly complicated as well. If you’re settling an Estate and need assistance in navigating through the turbulent legal channels of the Surrogates Court, contact Wood & Associates first.

We have extensive experience in Surrogates Court which is governed by the Surrogates Court Procedure Act (SCPA); the Estates, Powers and Trusts Law (EPTL); and the Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR). Wood & Associates are experts in all three, and service Surrogates Court within Suffolk, Nassau, New York City, and Westchester.

We also offer expertise in such areas as:

  • Probate or Administration. These actions occur when someone dies with a will, or without one, respectively. Both are initiated for the same reasons, including transferring real property or financial accounts, selling the deceased’s assets, paying estate taxes and collecting inheritances.
  • Exceptional Proceedings. These dealings are far more complex and emotional in nature and can include such matters as disagreements about inheritances among family members, removing fiduciaries, making a claim against an estate, and guardianship proceedings.

There’s very little about estate administration that’s clear-cut or routine. For anyone who has to deal with the legal ramifications of losing a loved one, Woods & Associates is here to provide both the understanding and legal know-how necessary to make the process a little less overwhelming.