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Don’t Just Pass on Your Wealth: Leave a Legacy

David and Joan had worked hard over the years to turn their food service supply company into a successful business. They had amassed a respectable fortune through careful business planning and a healthy investment portfolio, and they made a point of giving back to their community through a number of charities. They also created a series of trusts to ensure each of their children and grandchildren would receive a sizeable inheritance, and they were even able...
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Young Adults and Estate Planning: How Soon Is Too Soon?

(Hint: It’s a trick question.) Thomas was a bright young man in his mid-20s—promising and ambitious, but not greedy. Like many in his age bracket, he was more interested in experiences than in amassing wealth. Recently graduated from college, he decided to forego the job hunt for a year and see the world instead. He eventually developed a sustainable income as an Instagram influencer which allowed him to continue traveling and experiencing new things. He didn’t have a lot of assets, but he did manage to...
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