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Why Your Estate & Wealth Plan Structures Should Be Narrow – Not Simple

“I just need a simple plan” - a phrase we hear often in the office. Undoubtedly, this statement originates from the same place in the brains of all of my clients’ - it’s the place that makes good people humble. Although the phrase is often spoken confidently, it displays the client’s initial intense insecurity that almost everyone has when starting to work with a professional in the estate, wealth and asset protection planning industry. The good news is that that we address client’s initial intense insecurity...
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When asked to boil life down to its most basic principle, I recently heard Wim Hof say this: “Be happy, strong and healthy and the rest is bullshit”. I’d say that’s good advice going into 2019. Listen, I know you have been bombarded by New Year's goals advice for the last eight weeks. Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook have been inundated with advice to create that new you in 2019. If you were one of the millions of people who created...
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Does Your Estate Planner Take an Ice Cold Shower Every Morning?

It’s 4:30 am and my feet would rather stay tucked warmly in my bed. But I made a commitment somewhere around the time when most Americans were focused on fireworks in July, 2018. So now my mind steps in and decides FOR ME and the clients I am committed to instead. So the day looks something like this:

4:30 Cold Shower

4:45 Healthy Breakfast

5:15 Set my day

6:15 Respond...

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